Jan Allmon

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Jan Painting LandscapeBorn and raised in Pennsylvania Dutch country, I developed a love for the landscape at an early age. I loved the textural qualities of old stone and weathered wood, and paid attention to the way light changed the color of objects. Working in watercolor, pastel and oil, my paintings were inspired by these environmental factors.

I received a BFA degree in art and design from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. I continued my passion for art by taking painting workshops with master artists, including, Don Stone, Tony Couch, Don Mosher and TM Nicholas. “I’ll never stop learning and striving to understand what transforms a painting into an emotional experience. I think that happens when a painting seems to paint itself; when the subconscious mind takes over and time is forgotten in the process. For me, it’s the unexpected element of surprise that happens while painting that makes the experience so rewarding. An artist can plan for balance, harmony, repetition, value, and all the academics of a good painting, but spontaneity is just as important.”

In 1985, my husband and three daughters moved to Vermont and opened the Gallery On The Green in Woodstock in 1988.  It became one of New England’s favorite destination galleries, featuring the work of professional artists throughout New England. My paintings were exclusively exhibited there for over twenty years. Subject matter included idyllic perennial gardens, mountains, streams, and country life in general.

Moving from Vermont to Virginia, my husband and I opened the Gallery at Merchants Square in Williamsburg, and five years later opened another fine art studio in Worthington, Ohio.  I now live in northern Virginia, and currently work from my home studio. I exhibit regionally in strategic fine art shows and charitable events, and have been affiliated with the American Impressionist Society, Oil Painters of America, and Artisans Center of Virginia.

Now Exhibiting at:
Gallery On Madison
9 Madison Street
Middleburg, VA 20117

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