Process of Painting Silk Scarves

Jan Allmon Painting Stretched Silk Scarf

Painting on silk is a challenge and a time consuming process. Each scarf must be pre-washed, ironed, then stretched and pinned onto a wood support before dying. The shibori painting technique, which is I use in my floral designs, requires patience and a steady hand. Resist is applied to areas where the dye must not flow. The flow of paint or dye must be controlled, so as not to bleed and mix accidentally with another color. After the painting is dry, the silk must be steamed or heat set so the colors become permanent. Then the scarf is washed again, ironed, and now ready to be worn! Whew! It might be a long process, but well worth the result. Beautiful colors around your face can highlight your best features. A scarf will compliment your complexion as well as your wardrobe.

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